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  • $600 scholarship presented June 7th awards ceremony.


Fundraising Events (in order by month)


  • Cookie Dough sales  (Feb 2017)  completed

  • Shop Rite Bagging for Charity – (March 12 2017) completed

  • IHop Car Wash –  (May 20 2017 ) completed

  • Lift A Thon: June 14 – Run by the coaches, more information to follow (coach to speak to later).

  • Gold Cards – Run by coaches - Coach Tarlowe to provide additional information.

  • Beefsteak: Fundraiser Season Kickoff – Friday August 4th

  • Applebees Pancake Breakfast  late in season (Sunday Nov 5th?)

  • Other fund raising ideas are welcome; please see any of the board members with any suggestions.


Important Dates (subject to change)

  • Mini-Camp: June 16, 19 20, 21 (at Jannarone 3:00-5:00)

  • Summer Practice – June 26   *Off July 1,2 3,4

  • Normal Summer Practice  5 – 8p   July 6- August 10

  • July 24-28-Vacation Week-NO WORKOUTS-WEIGHT ROOM IS CLOSED- (Return 7/31)

  • Beef Steak  Aug 4

  • August 8- Summer Practice-Equipment-Concussion Testing (5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.)

  • August 14, 15, 16, 17- CAMP (Single Sessions- 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.)

  • August 18, 19- CAMP- (6 a.m.- 5 p.m.)

  • August 20- Team Pictures (Morning)

  • August 21-26-CAMP- (6 a.m.- 5 p.m.) *8/22 @ W.Orange-Away-9:00 a.m.-Start

  • August 27- OFF

  • August 28, 29- Practice (Time TBA))

  • August 30- Practice- (Time TBA)- *MOTORCADE AFTER PRACTICE

  • August 31- Game Scrimmage @ High Point- Away-5:00 p.m. Kick-off

  • September 1, 2- Practice- (Time TBA)

  • September 4- Labor Day- Morning Practice- (Time TBA) - Game Week



The success of the program is strongly due to the efforts of our volunteers.  Without volunteers, the things we’ve done in the past may not be possible if not enough parents volunteer to help. The following is a list of the majority of our volunteer opportunities which I’ll briefly review.


.Summer Activities

  • Lawn sign forms traditionally performed by a Senior parent

  • Beefsteak Fundraiser

  • Photo Day coordination (Sunday August 20)

  • Concession stand cleanup

  • Shed Inventory and Repairs as needed.

  • Propane for Grill


Game Program (Starts now, to be finished by Friday August 25 to turn over to printer)

  • Ads

  • Pictures

  • Dedications

  • Design/Layout

  • Senior Tributes



  • Senior Parents, please let me know your interest in hosting your house as one of the stops for the Motorcade.

  • Assistance in helping the Par-Troy police in mapping out the route/stops, and flow of activities at each home



  • Coordinating Camp menu

  • Preparing of meals  (5 needed)

  • Serving Breakfast in PHHS Café

  • Breakdown of Café Tables, Food, Drinks, etc


Pre/In Season

  • Concession stand inspection

  • Game schedule, Forecast Ordering,


  • Fridays - Assist with preparation, serving and clean-up of snacks. (2:45 serve)

  • Game Days

    • Pre-Game Set-up

      • Senior Jersey Posters

      • Viking Head

      • Balloon archways

      • Vinyl Banners at top of bleachers

      • Corrugated plastic banners and flags on path fence

      • Flags on press box

      • Cups in the fence - traditionally by Senior parents

      • Provide announcer with shout out list

    • Post-Game Clean-up of the items listed above.

    • Concession stand prep (Soph and Junior Parents) create SIGNUP Genius schedule

    • Concession stand serve  (Freshmen) – Create SIGNUP Genius schedule

    • Selling 50/50 tickets during the first half of games traditionally by 2 freshmen parents.

    • Apparel stand operations

    • Senior Day – Later in the season

      • Coordinate collection of shout outs

      • Purchase of flowers

      • Coordinating the half time Senior activities



Banquet – Senior Parent- lead coordinator for this event

  • Schedule event – Date tentative Dec 7th  -  6:30p Knoll West

  • Meal selection

  • Decorations

  • Senior gifts

  • Boys of Fall slide show

  • Scrap booking

    • Traditionally a senior parent will coordinate the purchase of supplies

    • Parents meet one night a week to work on the scrap books.

  • Web Master Bruce Rapp- updating the website.

  • Morris Sussex Football – Website for Game Predictions, coverage, Player profiles, general Football updates and state playoffs – Donation required


Concession Stand – Traditionally a freshman parent will be the concession stand coordinator whose responsibility will include the placing of food and beverage orders, securing volunteers, and make sure the stand runs smoothly throughout the season. We will need an incoming freshman parent to fill that role. The sophomore parents set up the snack stand prior to the game and incoming freshmen parents work the stand during the game. This allows the upperclassmen parents to sit and watch the game as their kids are the ones usually playing.


Camp Breakfast Coordinator–We require one or two parents to manage the breakfast menu and procurement of the items.  During camp, will need 5-8 Volunteers each morning to execute the prep, setup and breakdown of Breakfast.


Anyone interested in any signing up for volunteer opportunities can see me after the meeting.


Coaches Comments



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