2014 Vikings Team Photos

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NJ Division II Group 3

W-10  L-2

Highlight Videos of the 2014 Playoff Run are included below:

Vikings(20) vs Cranford(13) 

Vikings(14) vs Summit(0) 

Vikings(35) vs Orange(34) 

Highlight Videos of the 2014 Season are included below:

Vikings(21) vs Roxbury(16) 

Vikings(41) vs Chatham(19) 

Vikings(14) vs Sparta(49) 

Vikings(50) vs Montville(7) 

Vikings(42) vs HighPoint(0) 

Vikings(35) vs Morris Hills(12) 

Vikings(28) vs Pope John (49)

Vikings(31) vs Vernon(8)

Vikings(30) vs Morris Central(20) 

ParHills Vikings 2014 Team Captains
Kyle, Angelo, J.D. and Luke

ParHills Vikings WIN the WP PIONEER CUP on June 28!!! 

Take First Place overall!

7 on 7 Shootout team took 3rd place.